Frontline Packaging Limited completed the supply and installation of a specially adapted bale wrapper for Zeon Chemicals around 12 months ago and the machine hasn’t missed a beat since. Peter Smith of Zeon Chemicals is delighted with the bale wrapper’s performance ‘This is a crucial piece of machinery for us, we can’t ship our products without it so we’re really pleased with the solution that Frontline Packaging came up with. It’s worked perfectly for a year.’

Zeon Chemicals manufacture Nitrile Rubber and Zeoforte Compounds at their factory in the Vale of Glamorgan and ship to customers all over the world. They were running a very old bale wrapper to wrap the rubber blocks for shipping, and it needed replacing. The products are warm and the environment in the factory is hot so the machine needed to be sturdy and robust enough to withstand these operating conditions. It also needed to fit in to the space vacated by the old machine.

Frontline Packaging did the necessary design work to adapt the new wrapper for the available space and tough operating environment. The bale wrapper uses two rolls of film to wrap around the product then ensures it is entirely enclosed with a four-sided seal.

Tony Hacker, Managing Director of Frontline Packaging Limited, tells us, ‘It was quite a difficult brief for us as the operating conditions were particularly difficult. But we knew our machine was tough and robust enough to withstand even the harshest industrial circumstances and we’re pleased to see it’s been working perfectly for the past year.’

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