Case & Tray Formers and Erectors

Frontline Packaging supplies a range of high quality case and tray forming and erecting machinery which reduces the time and operator input required to make up cases or trays ready for either manual or automatic packing.

An operator places a case or tray on the machine, which folds the bottom flaps and then holds it steady during loading. Flat blank cases or trays are loaded into the machine, which automatically erects and seals the bottom flaps and then feeds discharges them ready for loading.

Machines we supply:

Comarme F2000 Automatic Case Erector

This is a well-designed, robust and reliable fully automatic case erecting machine needing no operator supervision other than to load the case blanks. Due to many design features it can reliably erect cases every time even with light cardboard materials and any interference from the flaps during folding is completely eliminated.

It is a compact machine that will fit easily in to areas with limited space and can handle a wide range of case sizes:

Some key features of this machine include:

Model F2000 Minimum Maximum
L 220mm 600mm
W 100mm 500mm
H 150mm 500mm
Model F2008 Minimum Maximum
L 220mm 800mm
W 100mm 500mm
H 150mm 500mm

Comarme Packpoint Semi-Automatic Case Erector

This makes the forming and filling of cases quick and easy reducing operator time and increasing line speed. As the operator loads the case into the machine it forms the case and folds back all four lower flaps and locks the case in position so the operator is free to use both hands to load the product into the case. The case is then sent to the taping station via a pneumatic control for taping and sealing.

The Packpoint 08 is simple to operate, robust and reliable and will fit into areas with limited space. It can accept a wide variety of case sizes:

Packpoint 08 Minimum Maximum
L 160mm 650mm
W 130mm 520mm
H 120mm 520mm